Advantages of the Good Governance Code

governance-group_tcm7-114798The Good Governance Code provides a free guide for charity and voluntary organisation board members on how to do their jobs more effectively and in a way that engenders public trust.

Voluntary and community organisations play a vital role in maintaining a stable and healthy society. However, many pitfalls face these groups, especially when it comes to adhering to laws and regulations.

The news often runs stories of such organisations that have fallen into trouble because of some infraction that could have been easily avoided with more care Indeed, the organisations, themselves, have clamoured for the development of core principles that could help members make better decisions in running their boards.

For this reason, a founding group of voluntary sector associations came together with the Charity Commission to develop a Code that would lay out best practices and principles for charities and voluntary organisations.

Immediately the Code became popular and organisations were quick to adopt its use. According to a 2011 ACEVO survey, some 74 per cent of Chief Executives for charities utilize Code principles.

23366_340x191All the materials offered by the Code Founding Group are free with only proper copyright attribution required.

Six principles provide the foundation by which the Code can help voluntary organisation board members improve their governance and leadership capabilities and performance. The principles themselves are concise but the Code also provides a thorough explanation of each along with the reasons why they are so important.

By studying and implementing these six principles, charities and voluntary organisations will be in a better position to achieve the standards expected of them in today’s society. Additionally, the Founding Group continues to fine-tune the Code in cooperation with the Charity Commission and other participating organisations.

Other sectors with similar codes include Co-operatives UK, HEFCE and the National Housing Federation.