Charities excite the online community

The work of charities inspires many people including those who spend most of their time on the Internet. Some online businesses even specialize in working for charity clients.

For example, Fat Beehive is an online web design company for charities and other not for profit organisations. The company began providing web design work for the fair trade coffee supplier Cafédirect.

diana-charityThe experience in doing work that not only provided them with income but also helped improve society and the world was highly attractive to the company owners and workers. They continued to seek fair trade clients and eventually they decided to cater specifically to charities and community organizations.

Fat Beehive gains satisfaction in doing work for groups that are making a difference in a variety of ways and they have learned about the particular requirements of such organisations. For example, charities typically have insufficient staff and low budgets despite their lofty goals. Yet, Fat Beehive was able to develop an approach that was affordable for these organizations while still remaining profitable and providing quality products and service. Currently about 95 per cent of the firm’s clients are charities.


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