Gamble aware helps problem gamblers

2010-stop-gambling-start-livingWhile many people are able to gamble responsibly and to gain enjoyment from such activity, there are also those who have gambling problems.

Gambleware is a charity that provides assistance for problem gamblers. The site offers general information on gambling in the UK including the different types of gambling along with the consumer protection regulations that are in place.

For example, it provides a link to the Responsible Gambling Trust that provides resources for people to avoid gambling problems or to obtain treatment for an existing problem.

The Gamble Aware site has seven sections that deal with gambling in the UK:


images About Gamble Aware – Information about the charity including its funding source.

• Gambling in the UK – General statistics on gambling in the United Kingdom.

• Recognise a problem – Guidelines on recognising whether someone has a gambling problem.

• Help and advice – Sources for counselling and support.

• Regulation – The laws and regulations that govern gambling in Great Britain. Most of these are under the Gambling Act 2005, which set up the Gambling Commission.

• Manage your gambling.

• Consumer protection


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