How to contribute to charities

Have you ever thought of giving back to the community or helping out people less fortunate than yourself? The process is really not that complicated and it provides great rewards and satisfaction.

If you are a UK taxpayer, the government can help you in donating to your favourite groups. For example, through Gift Aid, charities can claim back the 20 per cent taxes paid by the donor for their contribution.

The government also has programmes for direct donations through pay packet or pension, and for leaving charities assets through your will.

Here are some other innovative ways to contribute or to raise money for charities:

Group of handsIf you have an old car that you want to get rid of, you can donate it instead to charity.

• If you are good at photography, you can turn your photos into canvas prints to sell as gifts with the money going to your favourite charity.

• You can bake cookies and other goodies, and sell them to raise money.

• If you belong to an organisation, you can hold a dance or other function with proceeds going to a charity.

• Groups can organise events like runs, walks, games, etc. with participants paying a fee to compete. Sponsors can also pay to advertise their products and services with the money going to charity.

• Organise a beauty pageant in which all contestants must raise money for their favourite charity.

• Simply hold a direct fundraiser for a specific charity. Events can include dinners, balls, luncheons, etc.


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