How to Raise Funds by Establishing Trust

If you’re a new start-up with a social mission and you want to raise funds, you should consider fundraising options. Some of the most common options include family, friends, angel investors, and venture capitalists. These investors can increase your capital and the options for your company. Here is what you need to know in a start-up to raise funds without numerous setbacks.

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What You Need to Know About Local Start-ups and Social Mission

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASocial enterprises are growing in popularity with locals and are attracting more people from the private sector. These companies are being started by the younger leaders who are using innovative methods to raise money through social media and crowdfunding. There are over 70,000 social enterprises in the UK that have contributed 18.5 billion pounds to the UK economy. These companies, when well-funded, have supported up to one million people.

Nearly 48 percent of social enterprises or businesses with a social mission have sought capital in the past 12 months. The average sum they sought was 58,000 pounds. This is why small-scale lending became more important along with other sources of lending.

Examples of Local Startups

Local travel startups, such as or, try to help travelers get a fair price. Young people want to get a fair rate without sacrificing quality. Fair prices will encourage more travelers and help to make the world better by making stress relief and holidays more affordable. Discounts on restaurants, activities, and tours are available to improve social interactions, awareness, and giving. (MORE ABOUT TRAVEL STARTUPS)

How to Earn the Trust of Your Investors

When you begin raising funds, you should start by establishing trust. When you establish trust, you’ll be able to make strategic partnerships that will help you secure the funds necessary to properly develop your products or services. When performance is improved, your customers are more likely to buy your products and help you increase revenue. Your investors can reap any rewards that may have been promised in exchange for funding.

How to Establish Trust with a Start-Up Venture

Start-up ventures can help you build trust by instituting and practicing good corporate governance. This is important for tech start-ups. You must be aware of the relationships between the stakeholders and each business’s culture to properly understand a company’s governance regime.

What are the Four Attributes of Building Trust?

  1. TrustCranes-500iiTo build trust, you must have: integrity, transparency, accountability, objectivity, and performance imperative. To have integrity, means that you must act in a consistent and ethical manner. Companies with integrity are more predictable and are more likely to reduce the “perception of risk.” Trust is increased by increasing the fairness of capital structure.
  2. Transparency requires that companies act with a high degree of openness. This is one of the best ways to exhibit integrity. Accountability describes the responsibility of a company. This means utilizing proper accounting principles and other metrics.
  3. Objectivity is necessary in establishing trust also. This helps companies resolve conflicts of interest. Including an independent Board Director can help with strategic-level decision-making.
  4. Performance imperative is the concept of maximizing returns on investment and providing the highest priority in decision-making. Instituting best practices and crisis management procedures is aligned with performance imperative.

Start-Ups with a Social Mission Can Improve Business Practices

Start-ups can improve with a social mission can improve their businesses practices by establishing trust through these methods. When you apply these methods, you’ll improve your business practices.


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