World Wildlife Federation (WWF)

The World Wildlife Federation (WWF) is one of the world’s leading wildlife and habitat conservation groups.

z2011052417In addition to working to help protect endangered species, the WWF also fights against climate change and other types of environmental degradation. Many people will recognise the panda bear on the logo of this conservation group.

The WWF works with other not for profit organisations along with national and local governments to protect species and habitats throughout the world. Among some of their more popular efforts are the “Adopt a Wild Tiger” and “Adopt a Snow Leopard” programmes.

Starting in 1961, the WWF began working with communities, businesses and politicians in an effort to save threatened species and habitat. The organisation concentrates on the issues of conversation, climate change and sustainability.

Supporters of the group can help in raising funds, volunteer for political campaigning or sponsor wild animals. The WWF is a registered charity in England and Scotland and it produces a vast amount of educational and multimedia material.

earth-hour-parodyOne example of a well-known WWF educational effort is Earth Hour, an international campaign in which people across the world turn off their lights for one hour to conserve energy.


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